The Lion and The Lamb


Family Build Battles

I love Minecraft with my Aunt except when we have different artistic visions. We made a video and don’t worry, I’m not trying to be a youtuber but I do like to share so here is a clip from our epic cheese battle.

My Lion Puppet

I’ve never seen The Lion King musical but I loved the way the costumes were made to move freely and that’s what I was trying to do. It didn’t work.

I did like the way the mouth worked with interchangeable tongues and teeth made from clay. I painted a layer of glue over them to make it look like saliva. I wanted him to look as real as possible.


Minecon2016 Highlight Reel

For my first Minecon, I got to share a panel with my aunt! Instead of making a costume, I decided to make a Stampy iWonder puppet so that I could get it to Stampy! I had no idea if it would happen and when I met him, I was so nervous that I couldn’t speak!

Planning the Stampy Puppet

New Bird Puppet

A Few Things Made With the Paper App

Making A Google Building in Minecraft with My Auntie

This was a fun project that I get to work on with my auntie Rafranz. Enjoy!

An Artistic Review of My New Nightmare Before Christmas Collector Kit

Today I got a cool collector’s item Nightmare Before Christmas kit in the mail. I really do like it but some of the details are all wrong like Zero’s nose is supposed to be a jack-o-lantern but in this kit, he looks like Rudolph. His nose is supposed to be a pumpkin for a reason.

If you watch the Tim Burton movie, he did not try to copy Rudolph. He had his own imagination. And Zero wasn’t a clear dog. That’s just creepy.

I like that I had to put every piece together and that was the fun part but I didn’t like that some of the pieces were so flimsy that they fell apart in the packaging. I never got a chance to see Jack’s umbrella which seemed really cool. I also can’t put the wind up on the bear because it’s broken too.

Otherwise, everything else is good except that Jack’s foot got stuck in the pedestal but that’s okay because when I put his toy in his hand, it looks like he’s sitting down playing with it and it makes me laugh because that didn’t happen in the movie.

At least the person made this did a good job on all of the Jack Skellingtons, the sleeping elves, the bed and the trees.

Maybe the person that made this should think about making something that doesn’t break so easy and that is closer to Tim Burton’s design.

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