I really don’t know how to explain what creating is like.

I get an idea and draw it. Sometimes I draw in many styles. I then start to imagine what materials that I need to create what I imagine. Sometimes I get lucky and my mom has random pieces that I can use from her creations. For example, when I made RW aka Riley Willey, I used my mom’s artificial flowers so that he could have fingers that are pose-able. The rest of RW actually came from another puppet that I didn’t get to finish for a reason. Hint: My auntie bought couch cushion instead of craft foam. 🙂

So I guess you can say that I recycle too. I’m lucky that my family sometimes buys me materials when I need it.

Ok, back to what I was saying.

After I have the parts that I need, I start to design a little bit more because I’m always finding new things in the store and I find a way to use it when I get home. Basically, what I draw is an idea and it changes as I go. I don’t think about it that much. I just do it. I just realized this just now.

When I finish a project, I’m the happiest kid on earth. For example, I decided to make a mascot suit this summer. I worked forever on it because I kept thinking of new things to do to it and make it better. When I finished the head, I wanted to wear it around the house and have a party. I didn’t have a party but I did dance a lot.

I never think that I can’t do something because I always find a way even when what I think about doesn’t work. I’ve made a lot of things that didn’t work. I also took a lot of those things and turned them into something else.

I guess that the best way to explain what creating is like is to think of something you have to do everyday to live. Some people are happy with just breathing. I’m happiest when I am creating.

I’m lucky. I really am.

One more thing. I also make a lot of things in minecraft. I might write about that next.